Your Labor Union: COVID, TTC, Return to Work

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The following email was sent to faculty and academic staff on August 9, 2021:


Your union, United Faculty and Academic Staff, American Federation of Teachers Local 223, AFL-CIO, is hard at work around many issues this summer, including return to work, safety precautions around COVID, and the TTC project impacting workers across campus.

Please see below for opportunities to share your experiences and join us in our work!

Open Meeting: Fall COVID Safety

Urgency around COVID and return to work is escalating and we need all hands on deck. We invite you and your colleagues, friends, and non-campus contacts to a public meeting to organize around legal, political, administrative, media, and grassroots axes to keep all of us safe into the fall. If you can’t make it but want to get involved, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch. Please join us.

Monday, August 16
Zoom link to be sent to registrants

Meeting registration & contact form

Meeting event on Facebook

Return to Campus

How are you feeling about the fall semester?

Are you worried about campus becoming as busy as ever again as faculty, staff, and students return en masse? If you’re eager to be working on-site again, are you concerned that the health and safety precautions don’t go far enough, especially in light of the Delta variant entering our community?

We have pressured the UW Board of Regents to follow recommendations issued for colleges and universities based on public health best practices, and received a PR response that regurgitated information from university press releases and failed to acknowledge new CDC data or Dane County mask recommendations.

We are working with local and national groups on a response and pressure campaign. See and sign on to our statement below demanding the University instate a vaccine mandate and robust public health plan in accordance with peer institutions and American College Health Association guidelines.

UFAS Covid Demands

Sign on to the statement.

Remote Work

Have you benefited from remote and/or flexible work hour policies enacted during the pandemic which are now being taken away or becoming severely limited? If you have been working on-site, did you benefit from flexible work policies? What would you like your workplace to look like?

Our campus administrators think we need to run into each other in the staff break room to be able to collaborate well and that we are more effective when we’re on-site, ignoring numerous robust studies that point to remote and flexible work policies reducing stress for workers across the axes of gender, race, disability, and other groups who face microaggressions and exclusion in on-site work environments.

We want to hear your story about how remote and/or flexible work hour policies have benefited you and what your concerns and worries are about returning to in-person work.

Share your story through our form.

See others’ shared stories here.


Are you concerned about the Title and Total Compensation Project? Do you feel that this process has been characterized by a lack of transparency and poor communication? Are you worried about the fact that you will be asked (if you haven't yet) to agree to a new title without knowing the salary range?

We want to hear your concerns and offer support as we navigate this process. Please complete this survey to tell us about your experience with and feelings about the TTC:

TTC Survey

UFAS has a committee developing resources to help you take control of the process. Get connected or involved with this effort by dropping by a Compensation & Benefits Committee meeting or emailing us at

Get Connected

Please join us! We would love to have you feel connected to other workers and have your voice represented in the workplace. Find a home in our Compensation & Benefits Committee, Equity & Diversity Committee, Organizing Committee, or with a project that’s important to you.

Meet people:

  • Monday, September 6, 1:30pm: meet up with us at LaborFest, Park St. side of the stage.

  • Sunday, September 12, 12:00-3:00pm: join us for a summer picnic at Brittingham Park. All are welcome! UFAS Summer Picnic on Facebook

Join the work:

Learn more:

Supporting Each Other

Most importantly, we provide a space of community. If you face frustrations or concerns about your workplace; if you are worried about keeping your job or paying the bills; if you are struggling with lack of childcare; if you simply do not want to feel alone: we are your community.

We are your union. None of this work would have been possible without the efforts of faculty and staff just like you.

In solidarity,

United Faculty and Academic Staff, American Federation of Teachers Local 223, AFL-CIO

United Faculty and Academic Staff (UFAS) is a labor union democratically organized to represent its members—faculty and academic staff at UW-Madison—since 1930. UFAS is an independent affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers, Local #223, AFL-CIO.

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