UFAS Child Care Policy (enacted June 12, 2017)

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United Faculty and Academic Staff, AFT Local 223

Policies & Procedures for Using the Childcare Budget


At the June 12, 2017, UFAS General Membership Meeting, the membership approved a budget for the 2017-2018 academic year. The budget included an allocation of $500 for a childcare fund, which the union will use to reimburse members in good standing upon request to facilitate participation in meetings or other union activities. [NB: This fund has been included in subsequent budgets as well.] The fund is intended to enable members with childcare responsibilities to be more active in the union, thereby broadening participation and making the union more democratic.


The Steering Committee has approved the following policies and procedures for using the childcare fund.


  1. UFAS does not directly hire or recommend babysitters or other childcare providers. Every union member is responsible for selecting, hiring, and paying his or her own childcare provider. However, members are encouraged to coordinate with others needing childcare in order to use the allotted funds efficiently.
  2. Reimbursement for childcare can be requested by any member in good standing for any bona fide UFAS meeting or activity, including but not limited to General Membership Meetings and committee meetings.
  3. Childcare should be provided on-site (in or near the building where the union activity is occurring). The Steering Committee can assist in reserving a room if needed.
  4. UFAS asks members to email requests for childcare reimbursement and room reservation in advance to the First Vice President (currently Parthy Schachter, civilhands@yahoo.com) as early as possible, ideally a week before the meeting for which childcare is needed (though we will also attempt to accommodate requests made on shorter notice).
  5. UFAS will reimburse members for childcare expenses at the rate of $15/hour.
  6. To help members document childcare expenses, UFAS will provide a fillable receipt, which must be signed by the member requesting reimbursement and the childcare provider and submitted to the treasurer for reimbursement.