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UFAS Hosts "Red Book" Salary Data (2008-09)

Are you familiar with the so-called “Red Book,” which has allowed UW faculty and academic staff the chance to research salary data from across the UW System for more than 10 years online? Are you also aware that the “Red Book” was recently pulled offline by UW System Administration?

UFAS Member Publications Portfolio

Members of UFAS/AFT across campus each receive a number of periodicals intended to raise awareness -- and facilitate Union action -- on matters of mutual concern (e.g., advancing workplace improvements, protecting important benefits, ...).  Among these communication channels, members receive a monthly news digest (UFAS E-News) along with print periodicals from AFT-Wisconsin (The Professional) and AFT's national higher-education division (AFT On Campus).  AFT's national higher education division also publishes an annual journal called American Academic.  Join UFAS today to plug into this regular stream of communications.