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To protect freedom of expression, hold UW management accountable

October 26, 2017 — “There is little accountability for management when it punishes university employees for speaking out about their working conditions. Two members of my union are now facing this problem…. United Faculty and Academic Staff is circulating a petition that calls for the reinstatement of these two instructors and an end to intimidation of university employees who speak out about their working conditions.”

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UFAS endorses UW Worker Bill of Rights

October 9, 2017 — The UW Worker Bill of Rights was drafted by the AFT-Wisconsin Higher Education Council, which includes representatives from UFAS and other American Federation of Teachers higher ed locals throughout the UW System. We thank UFAS Vice President Parthy Schachter and Compensation & Benefits Committee chairperson Anna Paretskaya, who were closely involved in that work.

UFAS campaigns to end intimidation of workers at UW-Madison

December 2017 — In the spring of 2017, members of the United Faculty and Academic Staff union (UFAS, AFT Local #223) came together to advocate for fair wages and working conditions for Faculty Assistants at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Their campaign was resoundingly endorsed by the Academic Staff Assembly, Faculty Senate, Teaching Assistants Association, and the Associated Students of Madison.

UW employees need a raise — and more

June 25, 2017 — UFAS president commends Joint Finance Committee for approving a much-needed raise for UW System employees but voices union's concerns: "The most effective way to foster loyalty to the University of Wisconsin is to give employees a modicum of job security, a voice in their workplace, and a share in the institution’s power."

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ANOTHER big win today for the Fair Pay for Faculty Assistants campaign!

April 3, 2017 — Three weeks after the UW-Madison Academic Staff Assembly overwhelmingly voted to adopt our resolution on fair pay for Faculty Assistants, the Faculty Senate voted overwhelmingly—in the presence of the chancellor and over the opposition of some members of the University Committee—to adopt a virtually identical resolution. With these two electrifying victories and previous endorsements by the ASM and TAA, the students, graduate employees, academic staff, and faculty of this university solidly and publicly support our campaign.

UFAS's Faculty Assistant pay campaign in the news

March 17, 2017

Jes King taught five class sections — discussions and labs — on a recent Thursday for his job as a faculty assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

King recently completed his master's degree, and is working as a faculty assistant in the chemistry department, part of a small group of instructional staff who now are paid less than their graduate student counterparts.

He and other faculty assistants interviewed for this article spoke with enthusiasm about their work.

Nevertheless, they have begun a campaign to persuade UW-Madison to bring their pay up to that of graduate student teaching assistants. The campaign was launched with the assistance of United Faculty and Academic Staff, UFAS, a labor union affiliated with AFT, American Federation of Teachers. Some of the faculty assistants are members of UFAS.

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