UFAS makes political endorsements in Madison Spring 2019 elections

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March 12, 2019 — At the UFAS general membership meeting on March 11, UFAS members voted to endorse the following eleven political candidates in the Madison spring election scheduled for April 2, 2019. Five of these candidates (indicated in boldface) are UFAS members in good standing. We are thrilled to have so many members of our own union running for office this spring!

For Madison mayorSatya Rhodes-Conway

For Madison City Council:

  • Patrick Heck for District 2
  • Lindsay Lemmer for District 3
  • Matthew Mitnick and Avra Reddy for District 8 (dual endorsement)
  • Diane Farsetta for District 12
  • Grant Foster for District 15

For Madison School Board:

  • Cris Carusi for Seat 3
  • Ali Muldrow for Seat 4
  • TJ Mertz and Ananda Mirilli for Seat 5 (dual endorsement)

The endorsements were made according to the following process. At the UFAS general membership meeting on March 11, our union’s Committee on Political Education recommended that UFAS endorse the candidates listed above as a slate. These recommendations were based on a variety of criteria, including responses to a questionnaire sent on February 28 to candidates in contested races for Madison mayor, city council, and school board; candidates’ voting record (if one exists) regarding education, public service, and workers’ rights; and the endorsements of the South Central Federation of Labor, Wisconsin AFL-CIO, AFT-Wisconsin, and AFT National.

The questionnaire to candidates consisted of five questions: 1) What are your priorities for the City/Madison Metropolitan School District budget? 2) What are your thoughts on privatization/outsourcing of work currently done by City workers/MMSD workers in your jurisdiction? 3) What is your stance on labor unions in education and public service? 4) Given the constraints for collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin, what alternatives would you favor to ensure that workers have a voice in the workplace? 5) Are you or have you ever been a member of a labor union? If yes, which and when?

You can read the questionnaire responses that we received here. Responses were limited to 1300 characters (about 200 words) per question.

At the general membership meeting on March 11, UFAS members discussed and ultimately voted to adopt the committee’s recommendations for endorsement. To our knowledge, these are the first political endorsements that UFAS has ever made.

We congratulate all of the candidates who have received our endorsement! Our union is proud to support you, and we encourage you to publicize our endorsement in your campaign literature. We also encourage UFAS members to volunteer their time and effort to support these candidates.