UFAS endorses UW Worker Bill of Rights

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October 9, 2017 — The UW Worker Bill of Rights was drafted by the AFT-Wisconsin Higher Education Council, which includes representatives from UFAS and other American Federation of Teachers higher ed locals throughout the UW System. We thank UFAS Vice President Parthy Schachter and Compensation & Benefits Committee chairperson Anna Paretskaya, who were closely involved in that work. UFAS was the first AFT-Wisconsin local to formally endorse the document, which we did at a well-attended general membership meeting on October 9, 2017.
The document lays out a vision of the kind of fair and equitable public university where we want to work—a vision that stands in stark contrast to the winner-take-all campus promoted by the state legislature, the regents, and management. By itself, the document accomplishes nothing. It will only be valuable and effective insofar as we use it as an organizing tool to address specific issues that we experience in our workplaces on campus. Our current campaign to end intimidation of workers at UW-Madison provides an example: it aims to protect our rights to free expression, to organize, to stable employment, and to meaningful shared governance. There are many other issues for which the UW Worker Bill of Rights can also be a useful organizing tool. We began a discussion at the last general membership meeting about the issues that are most important to us, and I encourage you to participate in that ongoing discussion by attending our next general membership meeting on November 9, 2017. This discussion will shape the union’s organizing priorities for the Spring 2018 semester.
In the meantime, we hope you will share this document with your colleagues and coworkers, explain to them that it lays out the vision our union is working to promote, and invite them to join our efforts. Don’t forget to offer them a membership form when you extend that invitation.