TTC Tip Sheet

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Navigating TTC at UW–Madison

Are you concerned about TTC? Want to make sure you get a title that is fair, accurate, and to your advantage? Follow these tips to help guide your new title choices.

Choosing your new Title and SJD

Your divisional HR office is responsible for mapping you to a title, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive about asking for what you want! 

  1. First, read through the SJD Library to find the new title that best matches your current job.
  2. Then, find a title that is one level or classification higher than your current title, if applicable. For example, if your current title is Researcher I, the next highest classification is Researcher II. If your current title is Academic Program Specialist, look for titles like Academic Program Manager or Academic Program Director. Hint: Title levels/classifications are grouped together in the SJD Library.
  3. Edit your current PVL into a document to show your supervisor and HR:
    1. Job Title: From the SJD Library, copy the title you identified in Step 2 above.
    2. Job Summary: From the SJD Library, copy the job summary of the title you identified in Step 2 above.
    3. Responsibilities: From the SJD Library, copy at least four responsibilities of the title you identified in Step 2—the title that is one level above your current title—into your responsibilities section. You may be able to change existing responsibilities in your PVL that are a close match for the responsibilities from the SJD. Hint: Choose SJD responsibilities that represent what you currently do. This will help justify the title to your supervisor and HR.
  4. Share your edited PVL with your manager during your TTC Conversation. Ask your manager to advocate for this TTC title for you with HR. 

Addressing Concerns about Existing Titles/SJDs

Not finding a title that really represents what you do? Unhappy with how you’ve been mapped?

  1. Be aware that the Titles and SJDs in the library apply across the entire UW System. It therefore requires some strategy to request changes. 
  2. First, try working with your supervisor and divisional HR to point out changes that could be made to an existing Title/SJD that would make it more closely align with what you do. 
    1. Point out that the SJD is supposed to represent 80% of your total job duties, and provide a list of all the other job duties you do that are not represented in the SJD. 
  3. If this seems unlikely to be effective, there is power in numbers. Identify other people who do the same sort of work you do.
  4. Next, ask these people how they have been mapped, or what Titles they see themselves in. This may help you identify the Title you want, too. They may have the same concerns you do. Hint: UFAS can help you find peers on campus if you aren’t sure who they are. Reach out to us at
  5. Write a new Title/SJD:
    1. Work together as a group to identify the closest Title/SJD to your role. 
    2. Copy and paste this information into a shared Google Doc or other collaborative document you can all work in. 
    3. Make edits to the Title, Job Summary, and Job Responsibilities. Hint: Copying job responsibilities from other existing SJDs make them more likely to be accepted as additions by HR, since the language has already been vetted.
  6. Share the new Title/SJD:
    1. Once you are satisfied with your Title/SJD edits, ask everyone to show them to their supervisor. Tell your supervisor how many other people share your concerns. Hearing that you are not alone will bolster your case.
    2. Ideally, your supervisor should elevate the suggested edits to divisional HR, who should elevate them to OHR.
    3. If this does not happen, consider sharing the edits as a group directly with OHR, who are in charge of TTC. CC your supervisors and divisional HR reps on the email. Hint: Your OHR contacts for TTC are Karen Massetti-Moran (, Director of Total Rewards) and Mark Walters (, Director of OHR). We also recommend CCing Secretary of the Academic Staff Jake Smith ( or Secretary of the University Staff John Lease (

Appealing Your New Title

Your union can provide guidance on and support during the appeals process. If you’re not sure where to start, come to our virtual “how to appeal your title” training on September 29, 4–5 PM. Email for a Zoom link or with any questions.