Resolution on Climate Divestment and Procurement

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United Faculty and Academic Staff (AFT #223) Resolution in support of UW–Madison Faculty Senate and Academic Staff Assembly Resolution on Climate Divestment and Procurement

The Steering Committee of United Faculty and Academic Staff (AFT Local #223) passed this resolution on February 28, 2021 in strong support of the UW–Madison Faculty Senate and Academic Staff Assembly Resolution on Climate Divestment and Procurement.

WHEREAS the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 1.5° report released in October 2018 concluded risks of dire consequences of climate change and that the next decade is critical for transformational change to achieve deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the most serious impacts.

WHEREAS the United Nations Environment Programme’s Emissions Gap Report 2019 followed with the warning that “we are on the brink of missing the 1.5°C target and condemning humanity to a future of serious climate change impacts.”

WHEREAS Wisconsin is already experiencing effects of climate change. The Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts reports that Wisconsin’s climate is becoming warmer and wetter with a higher number of extreme precipitation events. These changes are impacting health, ecosystems, agriculture, infrastructure, and other aspects of the economy.

WHEREAS Climate change threatens the well-being of our students and their future.

WHEREAS Frontline communities, including frontline communities, including Black and Indigenous communities and other communities of color communities, disproportionately experience the impacts of climate change.

UFAS urges the University of Wisconsin Faculty Senate and Academic Staff Assembly to support the Climate Divestment and Procurement resolution, and the University of Wisconsin Foundation and UW–Madison administration to divest from fossil fuel investments and to develop carbon-friendly institutional procurement strategies.

UFAS urges the foundation to instead invest in the myriad of strategies to accelerate the urgent transformative measures needed in all sectors of our society, including a renewable-based economy.

UFAS further urges that Union labor be used to achieve this rapid and just transition and that members of frontline communities and displaced fossil fuel workers be prioritized for jobs to build the infrastructure to address the climate emergency. Our timetable for transformative change is short and we encourage the UW–Madison Senate, Assembly, Foundation, and Administration to support this urgent resolution.