Provide Feedback About Your Experience with Title and Total Compensation (TTC)

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As you might know, for the past month our Compensation and Benefits Committee has been working on the academic workers rights/job security campaign. At this point our focus is on the Title and Total Compensation Project (TTC) that is, primarily, affecting academic (and university) staff. We’d like to know how your experience with the TTC has been so far, which will help us develop tools, materials, and strategies to help our members and other UW–Madison workers who are experiencing problems in this process.


The Compensation and Benefits Committee has developed a brief survey about TTC. It’s mostly for the academic staff among us. But if faculty have experience with the TTC process—as chairs, supervisors, members of their departments’ executive committees, and so on—their input is very valuable too!


The survey went to all UFAS members on June 15th.

If you have specific concerns you need help with—or want to join the work of the committee on this issue—feel free to email Anna Paretskaya ( and Parthy Schachter ( The next meeting of the committee is on Wednesday, June 23 at 4pm (via Zoom).
Compensation and Benefits Committee