Four UFAS members elected to public office in April 2019

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The big news from the spring election on April 2, 2019, is that Madison has a new mayor: our colleague and fellow UFAS member Satya Rhodes-Conway was elected with 62% of the vote! The membership of our union voted to endorse Satya for mayor, and we are proud of her success. Congratulations to Satya!

Satya’s election was not the only good news on election night. Three other members of our union whom our members endorsed were also elected to public office last week:

  • Patrick Heck for Madison City Council District 2
  • Lindsay Lemmer for Madison City Council District 3
  • Cris Carusi for Madison School Board Seat 3

In addition, four other candidates whom UFAS endorsed were also elected:

  • Avra Reddy for District 8 (dual endorsement)
  • Grant Foster for Madison City Council District 15
  • Ali Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli for Madison School Board

Congratulations to all of them.

While there is plenty to celebrate, we are disappointed that our colleague and fellow UFAS member Diane Farsetta was defeated for Madison City Council District 12. We are proud of Diane for running a strong, high-minded campaign with integrity and dedication, and we congratulate her for it. Although the outcome was not what we wanted, it was great to have a UFAS member running for local office and to have fellow UFAS members supporting her.

Lastly, we are deeply disappointed in the outcome of the closely contested Wisconsin Supreme Court election, where Brian Hagedorn defeated union-endorsed Lisa Neubauer by fewer than 6000 votes. The lesson here is: Don’t mourn—organize.

Thanks to the members of the UFAS Committee on Political Education (COPE) and especially its co-chair Tanya Buckingham for their work in the 2019 spring election.

Thanks as well to each and every UFAS member who contributed to our union’s political work this spring by canvassing, phone banking, or supporting in other ways the labor-endorsed candidates in this election. Political victories don’t just happen; they happen because union members make them happen.