ANOTHER big win today for the Fair Pay for Faculty Assistants campaign!

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April 3, 2017 — Three weeks after the UW-Madison Academic Staff Assembly overwhelmingly voted to adopt our resolution on fair pay for Faculty Assistants, the Faculty Senate voted overwhelmingly—in the presence of the chancellor and over the opposition of some members of the University Committee—to adopt a virtually identical resolution. With these two electrifying victories and previous endorsements by the ASM and TAA, the students, graduate employees, academic staff, and faculty of this university solidly and publicly support our campaign. What’s more, this latest victory came hours after Karl Scholz, Dean of Letters and Science, announced several preemptive concessions, including a pay raise for Faculty Assistants in L&S next academic year.
This is not the end of our campaign. Shared governance bodies don’t set minimum compensation rates; they can only advise the chancellor. But make no mistake: this double victory is a rare and powerful achievement made possible by the collective action of our members, many of whom handed out fliers to Faculty Senators and spoke eloquently before the Faculty Senate today. This double victory shows that when our colleagues are given a clear choice, they will support fairness and solidarity, and it puts the union in a strong position to continue this campaign into the summer and next fall. Thank you to all of our members who have participated in and contributed to this campaign. Together, you made this double victory happen!

We will soon announce on the union's Facebook page a social event to congratulate our members’ work on this campaign and celebrate our victories this semester.

Read the Faculty Senate resolution at