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Scott Walker thinks he can cripple our union by making payroll deduction for union dues illegal. We need to stand strong and sending a message: Walker can’t legislate away our union, he can’t decide whether we're a union – we decide.

To help build our union, click the button below. You’ll be redirected to a secure website where you can sign up for union membership. This information is for union purposes only and will never be shared with an outside party.

We can build our union and take back Wisconsin. It’s all up to us. Who decides? We decide!

Join Now to Protect Your Rights!
Select the dues tier you belong to, based on monthly income*:


*Individuals who are paid 12 months per year can look their gross monthly salary above and determine the amount of dues to pay in that group. Members who are paid on the academic calendar year (i.e. 9 months per year) will pay 75% of what is listed above.

9-month employees should calculate their dues rate as follows:

(Monthly Salary Amount) x 0.75 = Adj. Salary Amount
Find your Adj. Salary Amount on the chart above and that’s your Group

For example, if you are paid based on the academic year and your gross monthly salary is $4267.43, you would calculate your dues as follows:

If you haven't yet done so, you can join your fellow academic staff and faculty as part of UFAS AFT Local 223 today by completing and returning our online application. If you support UFAS's fight to protect higher education and restore the collective bargaining rights of faculty and academic staff, please remember: all of this happens because of the commitment of members. So take a step in support of our work and join today!