UFAS Steering Committee Calls for a Moral Way Forward

We are the elected leaders of United Faculty and Academic Staff (UFAS, AFT #223). As a union that represents faculty and academic staff, ensuring safe campus spaces for workers and students alike is at the core of our mission.

Statement from the UW-Madison University Labor Council on Smart Restart

August 5, 2020: We are the University Labor Council, a coalition of unions representing workers throughout UW–Madison. We are food service workers, trades workers, academic staff, faculty, custodians, non-academic staff, and graduate-student workers. The University works because we do: we disinfect dorm rooms, feed and educate our community’s young adults, ensure that the university is fiscally responsible, and build safe and efficient infrastructure. Every working day, we give our skills and our time in service to the Wisconsin Idea.

TAA-UFAS Worker Safety Survey Summary

What does the survey tell us?

Simply put, UW-Madison workers are uncomfortable with the administration’s plan to bring students back to campus:

86.4% of all respondents across campus reported feeling either extremely uncomfortable or uncomfortable.